How Time Flies!

Imagine it’s already February 10th and it seems that just a few weeks ago we were celebrating Christmas and New Year. My new year’s resolution was to stay healthy and so I’ve been exercising as much as I can. But the extra pounds refuse to go away cause Vina keeps on making excellent , delicious food which I cannot resist. The kitchen is located just behind the Front Office and I’m sorry but some of our guests may have had to smell the aromas of curries.

St Pat’s 100th year Celebrations commence in mid March and most of the Big Brand Franchise Motels are already booked up but we still have a few Rooms open so if you’re planing to attend the St Pat’s festivities please make your reservations early.

Winter is still around and we’re expecting freezing rains tonight, so again not many will be travelling today and that means empty rooms at the Rustic.

The Gas price today is $2.69 per gallon.