Absolutely miserable weather last 2 months.

The weather in these parts of Missouri has been so bad that there have been floods and cold temperatures right uptil last night. Normally by mid March the sun is out and we get enough sunshine and mid temperatures that one feels elated and excited to go out and do things but this year has been the opposite. I have not played Golf since November 2007 and will only start next week.

My son Amit, his wife Deepa and Nikhil (their 5 1/2 month old son) moved to Rolla in the last week of Feb 08. Currently they are staying with us and because of this we get to see our Grandson everyday,and spoil him dearly.

An incident that happened yesterday really had me mad. A guest who shall remain nameless and who had been staying at the Motel for the past 11 days because his house was affected by flooding came back in the evening swearing at me that I had entered his room and stolen one of his possession and that he was calling the police and report me to the Daily paper that I was a crook and that he would damage my reputation and made sure I would not be able to operate a motel again and he wanted his "stolen" item back. Calmly I told him that the Housekeeper or I would never touch a guest’s personal belongings and that he was free to call the police. Well the Police Officer came asked us the necessary questions and went to look in the room that the guest had checked out from and told me that the RUSTIC MOTEL has had a VERY GOOD REPUTATION with the police dept and he was surprised that such an accusation could be made against me or the Motel. He asked that guest to re check his bags and see if he had mis placed his item among his other clutter he had. The Police Officer who was a great gentleman left and told me that he would have to file the complaint. Then just as he had driven off, I got a phone call from that guest that he had re checked his belongings and HAD FOUND THE MISSING ITEM!!!!! he apologised, but to me he had spoilt my whole evening and his apology was meaningless.

Friday April 4th was supposed to be a celebration day as I had just bought a local Dry Cleaning business called "FORUM CLEANERS" but this guest had to spoil the day with Extremely Slanderous and False Accusations. The Cleaners will be managed by Amit and Deepa,

Business at the Motel has been declining I think due to the high cost of Gas ( $3.29 a gal) and the recession talk that’s really creaping the public.

The 100th St Pats Celebration was a huge success and at the Motel we had a busy weekend- most of our guests were in their middle age and not the young crowd that normally comes during St Pats. So the rooms were left in a decent state and we had no complaints of excessive noice.

This morning the Temp is around 65 degrees, My mood is cheerful now that I my reputation has been cleared.

I hope that you will enjoying the Spring and travel and stop over at the Rustic Motel.