Summer Heat

Sorry for not updating my blog on this site but work keeps me busy to sit and write this blog. Fortunately it’s too hot to get any work done so I have some time.

My Grandson, NIKHIL, will turn 3 in October and he is the just the greatest! I guess all grandparents feel that way about their grand kids, but we are lucky that he spends the nights with us at the Motel and its my duty to drop him off at the Daycare every morning. He is learning so much things and that makes me wonder how today’s kids are learning so much things at such a young age. And when he is with me he follows me everwhere. Once when I was cleaning the swimming pool area I tripped and bruised my knees with blood rushing out, Nikhil came and started to blow air from his mouth on my injuries to sooth the pain. I always tell him that you’ve got to look after your Grandpa even when he gets old! When he’s not around near me I find it difficult to concentrate on my work.

My son and Daughter in law bought a house in Rolla last October which is not very far from the motel and they are doing their best to run the Dry Cleaners professionally. I go help out there once in a while.

The Motel is operating well, we are happy that we can make the monthly payments on time to Curt and Lucie Smith, they have trusted us and now it’s been 7 years and 8 months that we’ve been operating the Rustic Motel for. How time flies. Rolla is a great little town with some of the friendliest people around. 

July Independence weekend was a busy one for us as the people who operate the Carnival rides at the Lions Club park occupy a lot of our rooms and it’s also time for family reunions, When we first bought the Motel in 2002 we used to see plenty of family reunions but alas due to the bad economy less and less families can afford to get together. I still believe that a strong family bond is a must and thats the most important thing to cherish and build.

Played golf last week in a club tournament but our score was nowhere near the best so we played, sweated and finally watched Spain win the World Soccer Cup by beating the Netherlands 1 – 0.

The Swimming pool is a hive of activity and the ladies sitting by the poolside  get a huge kick when passing motorists on Rt 63 honk at them!! We are the only place in Rolla to have an outdoor pool just a few yards away from the highway.

Last year we painted all the wood panelling in the upstairs rooms to brighten them up. The European tourists that come to travel on Rt 66 from Chicago to L A who stop by and stay with us are surprised that we painted the panelling, cause they feel that the wooden panelling gave the rooms a distinct nostalgic look. Well we cant please everyone all the time.

The heat of Summer means more swimmers at the pool from tomorrow. The price of Gas is $2.56 a gallon in Rolla today.

If you’re passing through Rolla stop by and come see our Motel. Our motto is " we treat you as our family"