Oh the Heat !! What a freakish weather year so far!!!

Its been some time since I’ve blogged. So many things have happened since the last time I blogged.

In March 2011 while being given a tour of his farm on a Recreational Terraine Vehicle ( like a Golf Cart) my friend (Mike) hit a bump and the RTV flipped on it’s side and in the process I dislocated my left elbow and broke my glasses. My first thoughts were that Vina, my wife, would really be upset- but once I reached home from the ER with my left hand in a sling, she was cool about it. The bad thing was that I would be of no help to her in running the motel’s daily chores. Luckily we managed to find a part time help and its because of his help that we have been lucky to run the Motel efficiently. He has driven me to St Louis to see the Doctors, Helped with Laundry, mowing the grass, repainting the Swimming pool and getting it ready for guests to use it and most importantly of all he has been of so much help in doing general maintenance work at the motel. Thanks Jack. This incident has prevented me from GOLFING the rest of the year!! That is one summer activity I looked forward to, so impatiently. Right now I have to go for Physical Therapy 3 times a week. 

The year 2011 so far has been one of such extremes of the weather. We’ve had a large amount of snowfall this year and the temperatures were still in the lower 40s in May and now the heat is unbearable. The pool which is located outdoors has been a hive of activity because we let the locals use it. Since last week miillions of "sekedias" (grasshopper like insects) have hatched after a 13 year cycle and with their screeching noise have been a big nusiance. Slowly they are disappearing and we’ll see them again in 13 years time.

Business  has been slow, the price of regular gas hit $3.99 a gallon in Rolla lst month but has since dropped to $3.62 a gal. But folks are hurting in general and there have been no reservations for "Family Get togethers" or the sporting camps that are regularly held in Rolla in the Summer.

We now have  a Computer located in the front office for our guests use and they can print their Airline Boarding passes and anything else they need to print. Just one more way of pleasing our guests.

My grandson who is now 3yrs and 8 months is growing so fast, and he has all the love and affection from his "Grandpa Bob and Grandma Vina"- He loves to come to the motel and "demands that we buy him all the toys that he sees on TV.

Its been 8yrs and 6 months since we bought the motel and we’re so proud to own this business. The community has accepted us and I was elated when from 6 candidates who stood for 3 vacant positions on the Board of Directors of the Rolla Chamber of Commerce I was one of those elected for a 3year term. 

Look forward to seeing you at the Rustic soon.