December and 2012 just 2 weeks away!

It’s December 14th on a wet rainy and  miserable Wednesday in Rolla. The only bright spot is the presence of my daughter, Jigsha who is here to spend 10days of her remaining vacation days with us in Rolla. Family is what its all about!!! I’m so fortunate to have my son, daughter in law and my grandson live in this same town.

From mid October to  the first week of December I was on duty 24hrs a day at the motel, since Vina had to go to India to visit her family. And was I so happy when she came back. Its the first time I’ve had to manage the motel all by myself for almost 6 weeks and the stress showed its toll in my loosing a few pounds from my waist. I had to get up by 5am so that I could shower quickly before anyone would come to  the front office. Then I’d make my "masala chai"(spicy tea) to start the day . As guests would check out Id run the laundry and dryer and be done with that part  by 1pm.The afternoon would see me catching a light nap on the sofa but would always be disturbed by phone calls or some sales person wishing to sell me something. Luckily for me my Son and wife and Grandson would come by in the evenings to bring me dinner and give a bit of respite by allowing me to run up to Walmart to buy supplies. I realised how often I took my wife’s  presence for granted and counted every day that passed. Now its back to sharing our work loads.

2011 is going down as a truly bad year, business wise. I look forward to seeing an improvement in this Country in 2012. Almost all of my guests this year have bemoaned the state of the economy and the way things have turned out. Gas prices for the most part of 2011 remained above $3.25 a gallon, The price today in Rolla is 2.99 a gallon.

2012 also sees the enactment of the city regulation that only 20% of all motel rooms can be designated as Smoking Rooms. So we will only have 5 rooms available as Smoking rooms from Jan 1st 2012. Rolla will have a Smoke Free environment from 1/1/12. Its upsetting some people but we have to follow the law.

Finally on behalf of my family I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year and look forward to seeing all our guests make a return visit to the "family owned" RUSTIC MOTEL,